Beginner’s Guide to Avoiding Common Treadmill Mistakes

Running on a treadmill is the most popular workout throughout the world. Treadmills provide you quality workout when you’re indoor despite of unpredictable weather conditions. You can even work with a standing desk while walking on it. However, over the years, many mistakes have been seen from runners on home office treadmill. Today, let’s learn more and make sure you don’t make those mistakes.

Warming Up is Essential

Many gym coaches have witnessed this mistake almost every day, and it is very tempting and common for beginners to skip the warm up. No matter is you’re trying to be efficient, or you’re feeling that it’s unnecessary since you’re in a warm indoor environment….

But missing the warm up step is a big problem. The purpose of doing it is to make sure that you’ve got your blood flowing, your muscles warm, and it’s also going to help you to be able to get the most out of that workout session. Let’s do a complete warm up every time before stepping on a treadmill.

Lean Forward and Keep your Feet Light

The number two mistake that beginners frequently make is stomping or slapping feet on the belt. It’s not really a big difference between running at home or at a gym and running outside of the building. Feel free to do the same and use the same method and technique when running on a treadmill.

The reason why you should avoid this is that it would make your body under more strains. Keep the step nice and light on the treadmill. Try leaning a bit further and keep your chest up. Also keep the eye level nice and a little high, not high as the ceiling though.

Benefits of the Incline

Research shows that 1% incline will create the feeling and speed of running outside. Though you may find it enables you to run faster with zero incline, bumping it up is also good to give you the illusion of running outside and also avoid a monotonous experience.

Prepare a towel to wipe the sweat and a water battle to keep you hydrated during the session. Wear wisely as well, it’s already warmer indoor than the outside, pick thinner and suitable workout clothes.

Prepare an Exclusive Running Playlist

No one can overestimate the importance of listening to dynamic music for your workouts. Undoubtedly it will keep you motivated and energetic throughout the session and hence improve your overall performance. Forget about the gym music, make a playlist od your own and enjoy a workout with more fun!

Taking Breaks

It’s okay to adjust the speed slowly if you’re feeling tired, so you can restore. Don’t worry about the wobbly legs, the feeling will go away shortly and you are absolutely fine. When you decide to take a break for a sec, hold onto the rails to help you better taking your feet off the belt.

Final Words

Next time before you stepping on a treadmill, remember to warm up first, lean a little forward and keep your feet light on the treadmill, set an incline you like and take breaks when needed. No one will judge you if you are making any mistakes, but it’s about to help you to find more enjoyment running on the treadmill and get the most out of your training sessions. Have a nice walking or running on your treadmill!



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