10 Things You Need to Avoid to Keep Your Extensions Safe

Because they provide you the option to alter the length and volume of your hair, extensions look fantastic and add to natural hair. But it needs some maintenance and care to stay beautiful and long-lasting. Here are ten things regarding how to take care of hair extensions and keep them in good condition.

Excessive Heat Styling

Curling wands and flat irons can cause damage to both your natural hair and the extensions, even if they might help you get the perfect hairstyle. It is advised that you use heat-protectant products and avoid using hot styling equipment.

Avoid Washing Extensions Too Much

The natural oils in the hair can be removed by often washing your extensions, leaving them dry and brittle. Shampoos and conditioners without excessively harsh chemicals should be used while washing your extensions, ideally no more than once or twice a week.

Don’t Sleep with Wet Hairs

If you have extensions, it’s not a good idea to have wet hair before bed. Tangling and matting of the hair may result from this, and it can be challenging to get rid of without causing additional harm. To avoid your skull from rubbing against your pillow, wash and thoroughly dry your hair before going to bed, and wear a silk scarf or tie your hair up in plaits.

Don’t Use Cheap Hair Products

Using cheap and local products damages both your hair as well as extensions. Mostly people buy local hair products to save funds and time but it can lead to long-term effects that one can’t endure. Choose accessories that are created especially for extensions.

Ignoring Regular Maintenance

Some of the extensions need constant maintenance to keep them in their best state all the time. Failing to visit the salons for adjustments and upkeep can result in the matting and damage to the fur. It is recommended that you follow the maintenance schedule your stylist gives you to ensure the extensions are in the best condition.

Use of Chlorine and Saltwater

Two well-known substances that might affect hair extensions for different reasons are chlorine and saltwater. For this reason, it’s critical to know how to prevent or reduce their potential for harm. Because seawater makes hair brittle and chlorine dries it out, swimming is also particularly bad for hair extensions.

Tugging or Pulling on Extensions

This is because when an animal is handled carelessly or comes into touch with another animal, its fur is prone to tearing. The same is the case for hair extensions. Use caution when brushing and detangling your extensions to prevent pulling them out. A wide-tooth comb or brush designed specifically for extensions should be used.

The Use of High Heat for Drying

It is important not to blow-dry your extensions on high heat for this will cause a lot of damage in the long run. In this case, one should avoid using high heat or directly drying their hair to preserve the extension as long as possible.

Neglecting Your Scalp

The scalp of the natural hair must be in good condition to support the extensions. Do not allow oils and products to accumulate by routinely washing and gently rubbing your head to stimulate blood flow and help alleviate problems such as itching and inflammation.

Skipping Nighttime Care

Night care is also important to avoid hair tangling and matting during the night. Additionally, remember to wear a silk or satin pillowcase at night to keep your extensions smooth and reduce friction.


To keep your extensions beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting, it is essential to avoid these mistakes. If taken proper care, extensions can complement your hair and help you enhance your looks in the best possible manner.



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